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How To Pick The Right Kaftan According To Your Body Type

How To Pick The Right Kaftan According To Your Body Type

Dressing up perfectly is an art. Once you are satisfied with your look, then only you can carry it with sheer confidence. Do you want to buy kaftan maxi dress? There are different styles, available at shops. But, all are not suitable for your body type. All ladies have different types of body and you should pick one that accentuates your figure. Kaftans are quite trendy and available in different fabric. The flowing nature of the dress looks appealing and it is comfortable enough for summer days. Even, you can experiment with the dress.

Which Kaftan to Wear If You Have Rectangular Shape

The rectangular figure means straight shoulders and hip and lean waistline with slender arms and legs. You can choose cotton kaftans or sheer fabrics with illusionary motifs. Abstract designs with loud colors suit this body type. The contemporary designs with illusionary motifs on kaftan go perfectly alright with this type of figure.

Do You Have Pear-Shaped Figure? Know Which Kaftan to Wear

This type of figure means narrow shoulder and bust and heavy hips. You should always choose kaftans with wider chest pattern that can make this portion look heavier. You should pick one that has all embellishments around thechest area and the lower portion can have minimum designs. The kaftan must end above your hip or just below it so that it won’t make the area prominent.

Which Kaftans Should Be Worn by Apple-Shaped Figures

The owners of this type of figure have round shoulder, heavy bust,and narrow lower portion. You should pick a kaftan that won’t make your bust look heavier and also not around your tummy. Straight kaftans are for you, made of soft and flowy fabric. Dark colors must be your color and try to choose black, most preferably.

Hourglass Figure Types Can Follow Following Tips

This is abody type that women dream of to have. If you have it, you are blessed. With atiny waist and curvy body, you can choose any type of dresses. While you want to buy kaftans, you should pick one that comes with articulate work at the neckline and chest area. This will make the dress perfectly prominent for you and enhance your elegance. Wrap-up kaftans will look good on you.

Lean Figures ladies can Choose Following Kaftan

For slim ladies, kaftans with pleated work can be the best choice for them. They are slim, so they can wear anything. But, remember, you should stay away from junk patterns as that can make you look slimmer.

How to Make Most Out of Your Silk Kaftan

  • Kaftans are voluminous tops, so, you can pair them with tights.
  • You can pair up your kaftan-style long dress with a wedge at daytime. If wearing at night, pair it up with bling heels.
  • You can accessorize your kaftan dress by adding a belt or tucking it.

While wearing any dress, you always want to establish a signature style. Do that with akaftan and look elegantly beautiful.

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