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What To Love About The New IBMi V7.2

What To Love About The New IBMi V7.2

Source data Products is currently offering their 4-hour iSeries version upgrade. They have been in this business for over 2 decades and have seen and experienced the changes in technology. Not long along, the IBM announced their new version, the IBMi V7.2. Now you might wonder if what makes it different from the older versions.

 The IBMi is an operating system that has surely stood the test of time. It is continuously expanding with their new releases. And of these is the popular V7.2. So here is the most important information that you should know why many are intrigued and eager to upgrade to the new IBMi version.

The Performance Monitoring Tools

Performance Tools are popular with IBM i. With the latest upgrade is that these tools are now very easy to use. You don’t need to download any new software. You can use your browser of choice, but Firefox is much recommended, and go to . You have to log in to your IBM account. Then you have to select “Performance”. As easy as that! The system will now start collecting performance data for you.

If this tool is new for you, it is better if you start with the Health Indicators. These are like traffic-light interfaces that will quickly show you the issues that you have on your system. This will allow you to delve deeper into detail so you can find out about these issues.

The Batch Model

With the new IBM version, it is collecting the well-detailed performance information and will allow you to use it to figure out some possibilities. This will help you see immediate differences that it can have in the system and also in a job level. Here are what you can make the Batch Model show the difference that you will have the changes that you have in mind.

  • By adding another processor.
  • When adding more HDD disk arms.
  • When you try to add more SSDs.
  • If you upgrade to a new model or new server generation.
  • When you increase the current workload by a certain percentage.
  • If in any case that you move a workload from a one-time slot to another.

The possible changes will be shown in either graphs or tables of the raw data for the before and after. With this, you would be able to identify whether the changes that you are about to make are worth it or not. This can help you make your decision whether to push through with the change or just stick with what you currently have.

Change is constant. This is the reason why even though the older IBMi versions are good enough for you, there will still be much better versions that will be developed and one of this is the V7.2. If you are interested to make the upgrade, Source Data Products is the best company to get in touch with. They have been providing upgrades for different companies across the United States.

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