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Zoho People – Online HR Management Software

Zoho People – Online HR Management Software

Zoho People offers CRM Software, Accounting Software, Project Management Software and Help Desk Software. It is the one-stop Company that provides HR solutions for small and medium businesses. Also, it hasSTARTUP PLAN for businesses that have minimum 5 employees.

Special Features of Zoho People HR software

The HR management software features are beneficial to HR managers and are shown below:

  • Centralises HR data – Allows easy and secure access of global employee data.
  • Tracking time efficiently – Attendance of employees are marked at the same source.
  • Automatedfor paperless work – HR tasks (email alerts, multi-level approvals and checklists)can be performed using simple workflows.
  • Simplified reviews of employee performance–User can find the strength and weakness of all employees.The employee can be guided for improvement.This also enables users to set goals, collect 360-degree feedback and go through the performance.
  • Simplified Leave Management – Leaves taken by employees are recorded, monitored and the pattern is analysed.
  • Customise – This feature allows users to add features to make customise the software, connect with third party software.

Use on-the-go HR software

Just by clicking, a user can mark his/her attendance, connect with colleagues, and analyse employeedata. This user-friendly method is possible only becauseof the online HRM software. Zoho People Application Programming Interface (API) integrates HR modules with other third-party applications. Users can extract employee data and transform to XML or JSON format. Developing new applications, integrating with existing business applications are possible. The Zoho People API does not use any particular programming languages. Hence, users can use Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP and others to develop any customised applications.There are Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans of Zoho People API.

Features of Zoho People API

The API runs on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone that uses cloud-based technologies.Users can use the following:

  • Check-in and check-out for attendance marking.
  • Search members by name, department, name, email ID and blood group
  • Find employee birthday today
  • Call, text and email employees directly from device.
  • Mark, view “Favourites” for future access.
  • View departments with members.
  • Search based on tags.
  • App Store Google Play

Some Features of Online HR software:

Users of Zoho People can use online HR solutions from anywhere at any time. Some common features used in most firms are given below:

  • Easy Check-in and Check-out – User can monitor time-in and time-out of the employee and analyse the total hours worked. This can be integrated with other attendance software.
  • Effective Time-off Management – Employees can apply for leave directly online. This is can be approved by the Manager. Also, employee checks their leave balances and other related information.
  • Automatic Shift Scheduling – The automatic shift schedulingof employees is based on roles and departments. Before the change in shift, the employee is informed. Also, there is automated scheduler for shift rotation that changes periodically. The system has error flags to detect any mistakes when the same employee is assigned two shifts.

Other features are discussed in detail by Zoho People at their website. The Company encourages interested individuals to join webinar, and request a demo for better understanding.

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