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What Are Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men & How To Overcome Them

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most crucial physical problems in men. Erectile dysfunction is usually experienced by the elderly or those who are sick. However, from several studies conducted, men under the age of 40 have started experiencing it frequently. So, what causes this diabetes condition to appear more quickly?

What is erectile dysfunction?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a decrease or loss of a man’s ability to have an erection. This decrease in ability certainly has a big impact on a man’s love life in a big way.

Men who have erectile dysfunction will not be able to get a perfect erection when aroused. The penis will remain limp so that penetration into the vagina cannot be done. With this decrease in ability, men will also not be able to conceive.

Erectile dysfunction can also include a decrease in the ability to maintain an erection. Men can make their penis hard and penetrate. However, the penis will loosen easily on its own even though you haven’t experienced an orgasm or ejaculation. This condition usually makes men do Kegel exercises to keep their erections perfect. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra treat for erectile dysfunction.

Finally, erections that occur in men are influenced by many things. Psychological disorders, blood flow, disease, nerves, and the hormone testosterone can cause a man to have difficulty having an erection. Therefore, men must maintain good body health so that one or more of these problems do not trigger impotence.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young men

Erectile dysfunction that appears in men is easily influenced by many things. Here are causes of erectile dysfunction in men that are common and rarely realized:

Cardiovascular disorders

One of the factors that make an erection run perfectly is a smooth blood flow. If the blood flow to the penis can run smoothly, chances are, erections are easy, and the hardness of the penis can be complete. However, if there is a disturbance such as constriction until the blood clots, it will be difficult to get an erection. Always maintain cardiovascular health, including heart health. Avoid high cholesterol levels in the body to hypertension.


Obesity can cause the body to accumulate a lot of fat. Moreover, more fat appears in the abdomen and hips. Because there are many areas of the penis, the likelihood of a perfect erection will be low, therefore reducing fat levels is necessary. Furthermore, obesity also has the potential to cause orgasm and ejaculation disorders in men. This combination can make physical and reproductive function continue to decline.


One of the diseases that greatly affect men in terms of physical function is diabetes. A man who has diabetes will find it difficult to get an erection perfectly. In fact, there will be an infection in the penis due to excessive blood sugar. Diabetes can also cause nerve damage in the penis. This damage causes a decrease in sensitivity, so that it is difficult to get an erection.

Hormonal disorders

Erection is influenced by the male hormone or testosterone. If this hormone has decreased significantly, it is likely that you will experience erection problems and other bodily functions. The hormone testosterone can decrease due to illness and obesity.

Psychological disorders

Psychological disorders can also cause a man to experience erection problems. Men who are depressed, stressed, or are often afraid too much, especially when making love, their genitals cannot get an erection properly. Even if there are no physical problems, blood flow to the penis will be difficult.

How to deal with erectile dysfunction

There are many ways you can do to cure erectile dysfunction problems. Some easy ways to deal with erectile dysfunction include:

Start exercising regularly.

By exercising, your body will get two immediate benefits.

The first benefit is weight loss, and the second is maintaining blood sugar levels.

Weight loss can also be done by adjusting your diet. With a good diet, a person can easily make a deficit and cut body fat.

By doing this, the function of testosterone is not compromised. Maintain cleanliness or sanitation of the penis and scrotum area.

Any disturbance in that area can trigger erectile dysfunction or other discomforts.

Do Kegel exercises regularly.

Kegel exercises can make blood flow smooth and the muscles in the pelvis to become strong. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 can allow a man to improve an erection.

Trying to deal with the stress you have.

As is well known, one of the signs of erectile dysfunction is the problem of stress and depression. If this problem can be eliminated, erections in men will come back again.

Which one has the greatest influence on the erectile ability of a man? 

Hopefully, the above reviews are useful for you and can prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, which is very detrimental.

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