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Dawood Foundation For Better Healthcare Services

Dawood Foundation For Better Healthcare Services

The Dawood Foundation is an organization set up to help humanity.  It has contributed a great deal to making the world a far better place for the people for Pakistan. Over the years, the foundation has contributed immensely to the improvement of the standard of living of people in Pakistan. Many communities and institutions have also benefited a great deal from the humanitarian services provided by this foundation. Some of the institutions assisted over the years by the foundation include institutions of learning and hospitals. As a result of this, Dawood Foundation has improved the standard of education in Pakistan and also improved the health and wellbeing of the people. So many communities are beneficiaries of the humanitarian services offered by this foundation and many more institutions will undoubtedly benefit a great deal from this service. The foundation was established by Bashir Dawood and Mariyamdawood.   The two of them have a great history of assistance to humanity.          

CIME is a testament 

The Centre for Innovation in Medical Education is one of the many institutions that have benefited a great deal from the humanitarian services provided by the Dawood Foundation.  CIME is located at the Aga Khan University and it is set up to train medical professionals.  Bahsir Dawood and Mariyamdawood have contributed immensely to the improvement of the facilities at this institution towards making is more productive and helping the students to learn better than ever. Thanks to the Dawood Foundation, it is now possible for the students at this institution to learn using simulated real-life scenarios towards making them better in the practice of the medical profession. The institution has so many great facilities put together to make learning and teaching a lot easier and better. Dawood Foundation is one of the many donors that have made this place unique in all sense of the word.  

For one, Dawood Foundation provides adequate teaching spaces for all the students at this institution. The foundation also provides hi-fi simulators and the specialist medical learning environment has gotten better than ever thanks to this foundation. The foundation donated several telemedicine clinics to the institution and also donated a cardiac catheterization lab, as well as, a phantom-head dental lab. The equipment is sophisticated and they help a great deal to supplement communication by providing cutting-edge communication technology. As a result of this, the institution of learning can take on students from across the globe and the students will not have to report to the brick and mortar classroom before they can participate in the world-class learning services provided here. 

In an attempt to honor the Dawood Foundation for the great work it has done, CIME honors Mariyam Bashir by naming one of the three buildings within the premises after her.  Her philanthropic support for the organization is truly notable.         

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