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What Heart Patients Should Know About COVID-19?

What Heart Patients Should Know About COVID-19?

Today we are fighting with an invisible enemy known as Covid 19. Though everyone can get affected through this virus still there are some sets of population who are at the higher risk. Researchers have stated older people and people with co-morbidity are at the highest risk level. Especially for the people who have serious issues like heart diseases, sugar, high-blood pressure and more. This is why doctors are recommending people with heart disease to take some extra precautions. Here we will discuss some super important factors that we believe every heart patient should know. This is to make them all aware.

Why is heart disease a major risk factor in Covid 19?

According to research evidence and medical health professionals, Covid 19 is a very powerful virus that directly attacks human’s lungs. In such conditions lungs can become weak and as an alternative human’s heart starts taking more load to pump the blood. This is how a heart gets affected and pressurized. People who already have an issue of heart are in serious threat. 

What instructions people with heart diseases should follow to stay safe?

Doctors have suggested a set of instructions that you have to follow if you are undergoing through any form of heart disease. Such as:-

  • Visit an authentic heart clinic like Essex heart clinic for your routine heart check-up. Don’t take your heart for granted. Don’t skip a single session of heart check-up even if you feel your heart is doing fine.
  • Wear a mask every time you step-out of your home. 
  • Try to avoid any crowded place as much as you can.
  • Do not skip your everyday heart medicine. 
  • Do not add any medicine like vitamin supplements, antioxidant supplements without your doctor’s permission.
  • Wash your hands multiple times. Wash your hands with an alcohol based sanitizer before eating anything. 
  • Stop putting your hands on your nose, eyes unnecessarily. Remember this virus spreads over through the eyes and nose.
  • Take care of your mental wellbeing. We know this lockdown period has become harsh on you. So take care of your mental health. Remember stress and depressions are really bad for your heart’s health. And a weak heart is the prime target of Covid 19.

Should a person with heart disease get vaccinated?

This is the most googled question on the internet. Though vaccines are assumed to be safe still a bit of protection does no harm. According to some doctors, these vaccines can cause allergic reactions which are highly harmful for a heart patient. So before getting vaccinated discuss your medical history in a reputed heart clinic. They will suggest what’s the best for your health. 

Thus to conclude if we can listen to our doctors, if we can pay more attention to our health we will remain fine even despite having heart diseases.

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