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Pillars Expected From A Bulk SMS Campaign

Pillars Expected From A Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk SMS is a relatively new marketing concept, but principles of marketing hold true. No magic formula ceases to be with long code service providers  as if you do right things, proper results with follow. Just cash in the power of free virtual number for SMS as results will automatically follow

Catch hold of phone numbers

This is common sense! You would need phone number of people in order to send out messages to them. The way you can achieve them is when people give you the permission to send messages. You can achieve this by asking people to sign on your website and give them something for free. It is possible to purchase client list from various sources, but watch out the source.

For a business catching hold of the phone numbers along with names of customers has to be the main priority, if not the number one priority. If there is no phone list in place you should not be talking about bulk SMS marketing campaign.

The phone list is to be segmented

Do not make the same mistake as everyone on the list does not have the same needs. They are not likely to communicate in the same way. So engaging with them and establishing channels of communication would be a mere waste of time and resources

Ideally it does make sense to segregate your phone list into various categories. Sometimes based on behavioural patterns the list segregate themselves. Polling may be needed in the form of surveys. It does make sense to roll out target based information and see how consumers respond.

Ensure that the message is delivered

If the message is not delivered then there is no point of sending it in the first place. In order to send out bulk SMS figure out the service provider you want to use. Secondly figure out the words that cannot be used in an SMS and avoid them. These service providers can sometimes ban certain words to be used in any marketing campaign.

Do ensure that the phone numbers are entered in a manner that is stipulated by the service provider. Ensure that the phone numbers you have gathered exist in the first place.

Maximum impact

More engagement of customers, more they are likely to know you. More they like you more they will respond and patronize with you. You can engage them by ask questions and see how they respond to your queries. You can send out social media page links and see on how they respond to them. You can ask them to send out any questions to you which bother them.


Clearly take view of the fact that no marketing mechanism will achieve success if proper tracking mechanisms are not in place. Tracking the results of your SMS campaign ensures whether the efforts are yielding results in a proper direction.

Just track down the results of a SMS campaign by the responses you avail. The number of people who have clicked on your link would be a worthy indicator.

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