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Brand Awareness: How A Printed Bag Can Help To Market Your Brand

Brand Awareness: How A Printed Bag Can Help To Market Your Brand

Designing your own printed bag is something that is often overlooked by several businesses. But should this be something that more of them consider? With a number of businesses beginning to opt for tailor-made printed carrier bags could this be the next big marketing move for your business? We are going to give you some tips on why it should be.

Increased Marketing Opportunity

One of the main benefits of a printed bag is the increased marketing opportunities that you have. By customising the bag with a QR code you can link those that want to direct to your website and other products that are available. This along with a recognisable logo are the perfect way to market your brand to the fullest and create a memorable experience for your shoppers.

This branded bag can also be customised by adding social media links such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with a scannable Snapcode allowing your customers to interact with you and your products on social media without having to search the web. This can be designed to fit any style of bag, whether it is a brown paper bag or a tote bag and will help to boost the brand on every platform. This is therefore beneficial for the brand from a marketing perspective as the popularity will build around the brand.

Depending on the social media platform that you use the most, you can also conduct market research, this will then help to ensure that your company learns and creates products that this new found audience will like.


In addition to the marketing opportunity that you will get from this style of bag, you are also likely to gain an element of professionalism. This is because a custom bag is far more appealing to a customer than a plain plastic bag. By keeping your branding clear, concise and interesting you are then creating an air of professionalism around your brand, making you more appealing to the masses. If your brand is already established, then it is important to ensure that your branding fits with the style of the company as this could turn people away.

Reduces Waste

By creating printed bags, you also reduce the amount of waste that is created. This is because customers are much more likely to re-use a printed bag as it shows off a brand that they love and can be used for the weekly shop or other aspects of daily life. Although it is ultimately down to the customer whether they reuse the product, it is encouraging them to do so by creating a bag that they will want to carry around thus helping to reduce the waste that your company generates.

Regardless of the design that you end up with, the benefits of a printed bag speak volumes when looking at the level of publicity that you could gain from it, therefore making it the perfect investment for a business of any kind.

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