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A Guide To Buy The Right Refrigerator From Various Types

A Guide To Buy The Right Refrigerator From Various Types

Refrigerators have their own importance in our life. In summer we need ice and cold water to drink, and then we only think of a refrigerator. However, food can be stored in it the entire year and things remain fresh for long. Initially, there was only a singular door refrigerator available in market in a limited capacity. This was modernized to double door with extra capacity to store maximum things in it.

With time, needs of people keep changing. That is why manufacturers have to get something new to develop interest related to their brand among people. Huge competition among brands Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Videocon, Godrej etc. has given us the opportunity to experience different features and technology.

Here are some of the different kinds of refrigerators available in market –

  • Top mounted freezer
  • Bottom mounted freeze5r
  • Side by side doors
  • French door

Top mounted freezer

This is the common model in most of the houses and was the first kind of fridge introduced in market where freezer was on the top and storing place beneath it. However, earlier this specification was under a solo door refrigerator, now apart from single door you have double door as well which separates freezer from storing area. This helps in keeping both doors closed and if you need ice you don’t disturb the entire fridge.

Similarly, if you need a vegetable you don’t expose the freezer to outside temperature. They are energy efficient fridge and defrost automatically. However, being simple structured not much is thought about their appearance by the company.

Bottom mounted freezer

Just like the name, the freezer is set up at the bottom compartment, giving you the option to take out things, without bending your back every time. Manufacturers understood that the requirement of freezer is less compared to the storage section. Therefore, they built it the other way round. Since it is unique set up, it has to be expensive. However, the varieties in this style are rare.

Side by side door models

Side by side door fridges are similar to a wardrobe and are broader in size. When you have a large family and you tend to store more things in fridge then this model is perfect for your house. Being huge in size, it occupies more space because both the doors open wide from the central instead of sideways and also consumes more energy. Such models always have ice as well as water dispenser attached to it. However, with so much facility and space the price has to be high.

French door

This the most expensive model as of now. It is similar to above specified model but, here the freezer is in the below section and the storing portion and freezer are divided with their own specific doors. Some models have single door in freezer and two doors in storage section, while some models have two doors on both the sections which make it four doors in all. The freezer is in the bottom compartment. Expensive and more power consumption makes it little risky to use but, once you have it at your home it increases the charm of your house.

We know that is lot of information for you and you do get fascinated with expensive items because they have more features in it. However, there is always something stored for you in your budget.

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