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Fundamentals Of The Female Reproductive System

Fundamentals Of The Female Reproductive System

Gynecology and obstetrics are two sides of the same coin. In your quest for the best gynecologist, see to it that they are an obstetrician as they are only authorized to conduct deliveries on your behalf. So, what is the difference between the two as one is concerned with the victim in the normal state and the other when they are pregnant. In fact, they are two areas of the biological science that are concerned with the female sex organs, along with the reproductive organs. When you study about the female reproductive system in the normal state, it is referred to as gynecology and obstetrics are when a woman is pregnant.

Gynecology is concerned with the female reproductive system that is composed of several parts. You can compare it to a male reproductive system which is embedded with interior or exterior parts. The system is designed in such a way so as to allow the discharge of the male system in the vagina so that the egg can be fertilized. When it comes to the exterior parts, it consists of the lips, which are composed of inner, outer, larger or smaller lips. As far as the scientific names are concerned, it is known as labia majora and labia minora which is the larger and the smaller lips respectively. The other parts go on to include the clitoris, which is responsible for providing sexual pleasure during intercourse and they are also sensors of the system.

With regards to the interior parts, it is the vagina, it is where the penis enters during sexual intercourse, and sperm is discharged. There are also the ovaries where the female eggs are produced each month. The eggs are then known to pass through the Fallopian tubes, which is the place where it can be fertilized. It is the uterus where the fertilized egg will develop into a baby, and can be located during the stages of pregnancy. This is prepared by the body in such a manner so as to receive a fetus when an egg gets fertilized by sperm in the body.

This situation will lead us to seek the services of a gynecologist obstetrician. It is concerned with the mother during pregnancy, and the baby along with the mother is taken care of. This involves checking the health of the baby to ensure that they grow properly so that the mother is satisfied. It is also important that the mother along with the baby is given the right type of nutrition so that it aids in their growth. In the midst of this, it needs to be ensured that the child is not interfering with the supply of vital nutrients to the mother.

From the discussion till now it is easy to figure out that both gynecology and obstetrics are different fields. The obstetrician tends to take care of the woman during the first few weeks of a pregnancy and then it is taken over a by a gynecologist. The formers are concerned with all the issues of the female reproductive system as they can undertake the necessary treatment procedures, while the latter is only concerned with pregnancy and nothing else. A doctor can be a gynecologist or an obstetrician together, and it is better to opt for one as the fields are intertwined.

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