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What Is The Significance Of A Sunny Side Delivery?

What Is The Significance Of A Sunny Side Delivery?

One of my relatives recently went on to deliver a baby girl, but trust me she encountered a lot of back pain. She needed to be part of a C section and the reason was a sunny side up delivery. Most of you would have come across the term breech birth, but the sunny side up position works out to be the most common for a baby. In medical terms what does sunny side up baby mean and it would indicate an OP position. The head of the baby is being turned in a wrong manner referred to as occiput.

The back of the head is known as the posterior that is being turned the wrong way and this would mean that the head of the baby is being turned against the pubic bone. What it would mean that it becomes for the head of the baby to stand out of the birth canal. The process of labor becomes extended and a tinge longer as well.

The facts about an OP position?

Quite a lot of research has been undertake on the OP position, what it would denote for a delivery and how you can go on to prevent it. So the results of the studies are illustrated below

  • In the first stage of labor this position tends to be common, and that it would mean in close to 30 % of pregnancies it tends to occur
  • Most of the babies are likely to return back to the normal position by the time of delivery. It is only 5 % of the babies who tend to have a persistent OP.
  • The chances of this position tend to be all the more common when it happens to be your first pregnancy. In numerical terms the risk works out to be around 7 %
  • When it is persistent OP it would mean assistance during the course of delivery or a C section delivery. Research points to the fact that babies who tend to have a persistent OP and nearly 30 % are delivered by a C section

The remedial steps to be undertaken

The most remedial measure taken in this regard would be maternal posturing. It is a posture on your knees or hands whereby the chest leans forward and the back tends to stretch out. With the help of this posture back pain tends to reduce considerably.

The good news which emerges is that even if the baby starts with a sunny side up, it is likely to return back to its normal position by the time the delivery is going to happen. If some posturing is provided the chances tend to brighten but till now it has not been a major source of help

You can seek the opinion of your health care provider on what their experience has been in dealing with OP positioned babies. You can discuss with them the options if the baby happens to be sunny side up. Being aware of the options would be of immense help.

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