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The Great Role Played By Churches To Make People Grow

The Great Role Played By Churches To Make People Grow

In true sense, Prophet is considered as God’s spokesman. No private interest or issue can stop him to stay away from his objectives. As per the Bible, a prophet should be extremely devoted follower of God and should abide by his holy laws. He is the highest preacher in the society and all his behaviors should be as per the guidelines of God. To a prophet, God is the supreme and he is his dedicated servant. The sense of this responsibility should be exhibited in all the ways whatever he performs for a church or social people or in his everyday life. If he is involved with any church he should be caring to induce the following facets in the followers.


What is self reliance? It is the ability and effort that makes a person committed to his family members, people of the society and towards his spiritual activities. Whereas family is the smallest component of a community, an individual must be committed to his kids, spouse, parents or brothers and sisters. His ability to make things done offers him the reliance to remain committed to his family and community which is serving God. For more than decades, Prophet TB Joshua offers great advices to members of SCOAN society backed by his vast knowledge in Bible, Gospels and all other holy scriptures. In the sessions, he talks to every follower, evaluates their problems, finds the basis of them and helps them come out of those issues as per biblical instructions.


Without support of health, none can get involved in spiritual, social of individual activities. In all scriptures and Holy books, God has recommended people to always care for their mental and physical health. In course of sermons, learned preachers suggest followers to take wholesome foods, practice regular workouts, have deep breathing and meditation sessions. Keeping them lively, fit and energetic is the basic need to take part in different activities which can bring social change. Practicing good sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene is godliness.


Education is another strength that provides skills, awareness and understanding of subjects and thus, develops self-confidence, reliance and eyes to spot what is good and what’s not. One cannot gain knowledge without education and this is one major cause of spiritual blindness, inability and poverty. Churches led personalities like Prophet TB Joshua are aimed to foster real education in their followers, members and community people. Almost all renowned Christian churches have special pool of expert teachers to teach poor deprived people about the basics of science, language, mathematics and morals of human life.

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual know-how is essential for every individual that helps them follow a healthy lifestyle. As per Scriptures that religious blindness is a major cause of social evils. By undertaking worship, prayer sessions and taking part in sermons people can gain basic ideas about the Heavenly Father, the Creator and Jesus Christ. TB Joshua is the inceptor and overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations. Based in Lagos, Nigeria it is one of the top sought after Church communities in the world.

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