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How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business Scale New Heights

How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business Scale New Heights

Bulk SMS does provide a perfect opportunity for a small or big business in reaching out to their customers. Always opt for the services to send bulk SMS Chennai as they provide customers with a number of benefits. They are as follows

Open rate higher

When you compare it to other marketing modules SMS marketing has a higher open rate. Each and every SMS that is send is received in a time span of 10 minutes. In comparison only a fraction of email reaches out to the audience and most of them find its way on to the spam box.

Conversion rate on the higher side

In comparison to any other form of marketing SMS has a higher conversion rate. In modern times with bulk SMS software in Chennai making the process of sending out messages rather easy it enhances better communication. From business to consumer the conversion rates are high in comparison to other mediums.


The process of sending out SMS is effortless and you do not need a PH D degree in sending out messages. An individual with a mobile connection would be aware to send and read messages.

In case if you are looking to send out bulk SMS to the customer then it is not a good choice. You are going to need something more effective and reliable. There are a lot of bulk SMS companies that make your task a lot easier.

Cost effective

In comparison to the other traditional forms of marketing bulk SMS seems to be an inexpensive option. When you advertise via TV or billboard the costs shoots up at a considerable level.

Easy reach

The simplest way to reach out to a customer is via a mobile and through a SMS. There is no need for an internet connection to avail the benefits of bulk SMS. It means that you can reach various customers through SMS rather than other medium.

Wide appeal

Currently there are more than 4.7 million users of bulk SMS which works out to be a large figure. This would pave way for a huge chunk.  People have got addicted to SMS rather than any other source of marketing. For this reason they go on to prefer SMS communication over other modes of marketing.


As per the requirements you can personalize your message content. You can send out messages on the last behavioural pattern of the customer, individual sculpted or location based module. With the power of bulk SMS you can go on to achieve this degree of realization. Though other type of marketing modules may provide this service but it is going to cost you a lot of money.


In case of an email marketing you have to log in to a computer with a secure internet connection to send out messages to your audience. This demands huge money but in bulk SMS this does not appear to be the case as it proves to be time saving.

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