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Gorgeous And Safe With Spray Tanning

Gorgeous And Safe With Spray Tanning

You can have a gorgeous bronze all-over body tan with the safe and convenient option of a spray tan; thereby eliminating the skin-damage risks – such as melanoma or skin lesions – associated with the ultra-violet rays of the sun. While the sun’s UV rays can be harmful for your skin when you try to get a suntan, the spray tanning procedure is a simple one, which ensures that your skin does not suffer any kind of damage when to have it tanned. For getting a spray tan, you can either seek an appointment with the tanning salons, where they tan your skin in spraying cubicles, or you can buy a home version of spray tan and do the tanning yourself.

  Get beautiful tan in minutes: With spray tanning being a modern tanning method which has virtually made the tanning beds and the suntan procedure a thing of the past, you can now get a stunning tan within minutes; that too without any sunburn or other harmful effects on your skin. While sunless tanning solutions from different manufactures initially included cream-lotion products which has to be rubbed on the skin, the availability of spray tanning equipment has made sunless tanning all the more effortless and pragmatic.

 The key reason behind the ‘safety’ factor linked to spray tanning is essentially the advanced development of the 1920s-discovered Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which has, over time, been perfected in such a way that it yields a glowing tan, sans any side effects. Technically speaking, the DHA – which is the main ingredient in a spray tan – primarily interacts with the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin to give it a gorgeous brown tinge within minutes.

Apply and re-apply spray tan whenever you wish: Since the spray tan process underscores a sunless tanning of your skin, you can get the perfect tan for your skin by applying and re-applying spray tan as frequently as you want. With an easy-to-use home version of spray tan, you can conveniently do a touch-up or a complete full-body tan whenever you feel the need; thereby saving the amount you would have otherwise spent in a conventional tanning salon.

The biggest advantage of a spray tan, vis-à-vis a suntan, is that spray tanning not only safeguards your skin from harmful effects of the sun, but also makes you feel better about your overall appearance; thanks largely to the eye-catching brown glow. As such, the affordable and handy spray tan mechanism may just be the ideal tanning option for you, if concerns about sunburn and skin cancer have thus far prevented you from going in for a tan.

Spray tan gives protective layer to your skin: Since the use of DHA in cosmetics, including spray tan, has received due regulatory approval, you can rest assured that spray tanning products are completely safe to use. The safe use of the natural spray tan method is chiefly rooted in the fact that the DHA can give a dark tone to the skin, with no adverse effects whatsoever. In fact, spray tan gives your skin a protective layer, shielding it from any kind of dangerous effects that are typically tied to the traditional skin-tanning methods. With good quality spray tans containing at least 5% DHA, along with moisturizers and additional skin-protection components, spray tanning is fast becoming the ideal tanning option.

You can take your pick of spray tan from among a wide range of spray tan products available in the market. Once you have zeroed in on the spray tan which suits your skin requirements, and also fits within your budgetary and time constraints, you can get a safe and gorgeous no-risk bronze tan with a smooth, radiant finish!

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