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Aptitude Test: An Obvious Mention In Psychometric Tests

Aptitude Test: An Obvious Mention In Psychometric Tests

With the prime objective to outline the distinguishing characteristics of a good test, and the commonly used procedures in test construction, the uses of psychological tests such as Psychometric tests for job recruitment in industry deserves a special reference to personnel selection. But some typical problems might arise when a new testing program is introduced in an organization. Here, we will discuss the specific examples of tests that are frequently used in the industry.

Types of Aptitude Test:

These are grouped into two categories. Firstly, the Multiple Aptitude Test is that which intends to measure several aptitudes by an independent subtest. Hence, multiple aptitude tests are not tests but rather batteries of test and secondly the Special Aptitude Test, which intend to measure only one aptitude.

The differential aptitude test or DAT: The commonest of all the multiple aptitude tests established in 1947 has undergone several revisions and is presently available in the 5th edition in 1992. This battery was developed by Bennett Seashore and Wesman and comprises 8 subtests – verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, clerical and speed and accuracy space relations, spelling and language usage. DAT is highly adapted by Indian psychologists to suit local recruitments. This battery is mainly meant for an occasional and vocational counselling of students.

General aptitude test battery GATB: developed by the United States employment service in 1962 for use primarily in armed services. This battery was constructed as a function of extensive factor analysis. GATB finally consisted of nine factors – intelligence, numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude, spatial aptitude, form perception clerical perception motor coordination, finger dexterity and manual dexterity. It is widely used nowadays in Indian employment services.

Test of mechanical and clerical aptitude: This is included in the multiple aptitude batteries. The test of mechanical aptitude is solely concerned with the mechanical information, mechanical reasoning or mechanical comprehension. In some tests of mechanical aptitude, perceptual and special aptitude plays an important role. E.g. Among the ones accepted in India are mechanical reasoning test of DAT, SRA mechanical aptitude test and Bennett mechanical comprehension test, to suit business recruitment process.

Test of clerical aptitude mainly emphasize perceptual speed and accuracy. For example, clerical speed and accuracy test of DAT and the Minnesota clerical test, common in India. Today literally thousands of psychological tests are available in the market with a lot many Psychometric Test providers in India measuring almost every conceivable psychological characteristic but very few of them can pass the stringent tests of reliability and validity.

Motor Dexterity test: This measures coordination of the hand arm leg movement in performing a task. For example, the Stromberg dexterity test the Bennett hand tool dexterity test and the complex coordination test accepted in India, to serve various business organisations.

Jobs requiring strength dexterity and routine mechanical operation have a great relationship with aptitude. The Aptitude tests discussed above are now available for use in India and even adopted and modified in Indian languages too, certifying the fact that Indian industry will grow rapidly in coming years selecting it’s personnel on sound and scientific basis through various tests to survive the fierce competitive atmosphere.

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