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Why Should You Apply For Your EHIC Insurance Card Now?

Why Should You Apply For Your EHIC Insurance Card Now?

Who doesn’t want a valid European health card that promises an insurance on the go? And this is true for everyone who is dreaming to fly to the European countries like Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Spain, and more. Simply saying, a card that gives you a claim on any medical emergency on the travel in any of these EEA countries, especially when you are visiting from another member state, it is called an EHIC card.

Do not keep your holiday plans on hold anymore. From now on there will be an EHIC that will keep you on top of any possible hazard and let you claim treatments, best of its kind, from the state-provided health care during your European holidays. If this doesn’t excite you, what else could? Stay tuned.

The EHIC story

In simple words, EHIC is free of cost card that gives you an access to a panel of treatment, necessary for your temporary stay, under the statutory social security scheme of any of the 28 EEA countries. The treatment provided to you will be same as to a permanent resident of that place. The treatment cost can vary from place to place. So, it is wise to individually check the rules and regulations on each country’s website as some treatments can come to you at a reduced cost, while others for absolutely no charges at all. You can use this card to claim only the necessary treatment until your return itinerary is fixed.

Get an EHIC card

There is a tall-list of advantages that your card brings you in times of emergencies when you are jet setting yourself in Europe. What is more is that this card doesn’t just cover your share of the claim, but also that of your minors and travel partner whoever is accompanying you en route. It got you covered for all the necessary emergency treatments available in your destination country, although, in some cases with a co-payment that you can adjust later.

However, here is the list of treatments you can receive on the go…

  1. Dialysis treatment,
  2. Treatments for preexisting conditions,
  3. Maternity Care,
  4. Oxygen,
  5. Other chronic conditions or emergency treatment.

Did you know all the above-mentioned treatments are only available when you have a valid EHIC card? Of course yes! If your existing card has expired, you can opt for a renewal. But if you do not have any EHIC card till now, apply for it as soon as possible.

Application or renewal

Application for your new EHIC card is no hassle at all. Just go to the official website of EHIC and fill all the necessary details about you carefully.  If you are not traveling alone, make sure you apply for separate EHIC cards for each of your fellow travelers. The best thing is that an EHIC card does not take more than a week to arrive at your doorstep. So, you can even apply a week before your boarding. What’s more, if you’re anywhere from the UK, EEA or Switzerland, pay nothing for your application.

Finally, your EHIC card is not valid on cruises and do not confuse this card with your private health insurance. The EHIC will do what it is supposed to. It will ensure that you can rip off your emergency health care advantages at ease anytime, anywhere.

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