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What Is Statistics?

What Is Statistics?

Statistics can be defined simply as a branch of mathematics which deals with a few processes. These are a collection of data, analysis of data, interpretation of data and organization of data. This is done when there is a large amount of data which has to be sorted, and statistical analysis has to draw from it. From example, the literacy rate of India calculated through an average data collected in a survey. This does not give a perfect value but helps to measure an approximation. Thus statistics is important to big companies and corporations, to calculate the growth rate and so on.

Due to the practical use of the subject, it is important to make the learners aware of the subject at an early stage and keeping the same point in mind the bookmakers have offered great knowledge of this subject in the chapter of statistics. It helps the learners to have clear and strong fundamentals so that the further knowledge can be gained easily by them in the next chapters and standards.

Class 10 Chapter 14: Statistics

Statistics is a small part of the Class 10 mathematics curriculum, and chapter 14 of this book deals with statistics.  This chapter conducts a primary introduction of the student with statistics and deals with very simple topics. They are:

  • Introduction
  • Mean of grouped data: Sum of data, midpoint, and frequency.
  • Mode of grouped data: Repeated numbers in a grouped data.
  • Median of grouped data: Find the median of a given data after reorganizing the data from smallest to largest.
  • Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution: Represent cumulative frequency distribution with the help of a graph.
  • Summary

The statistics class 10 CBSE deals with the collection of data, how to calculate mean, median, mode and how to represent a given data through a graph. Though the statistics taught in plus two if more complex and include the solving of numerical, a class 10 CBSE student is just introduced to statistics by this chapter. Hence those who want to make a career in this subject can move in the concerned stream easily.

How do statistics solutions help?

It is of common knowledge that mathematics is a subject in which a student can only score well through more and more practice. There is no replacement to this. Now, NCERT also publishes solution papers for the science and maths subjects along with their course books. These books deal with specific chapters from each subject, and in case of Mathematics, the solution paper is similar to a board exam paper. You have to solve the given number of sums in a given time. The solution papers though come along with answers in case you want to check. The statistics Class 10 NCERT solutions similarly has a number of numerical which you can solve to get a through the idea of the chapter. It is best to solve a solution paper when you are already thorough with the chapter and formulas, and you are testing yourself.

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