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Securing Yourself And Your Loved Ones With The EHIC On Your Next Trip

Securing Yourself And Your Loved Ones With The EHIC On Your Next Trip

To begin here with the right mindset, you must know that EHIC stands for European Health Insurance Card. People aware of travelling to the European countries can vouch for the benefits of such a card that ensures their happiness on the foreign soil. In other words, an EHIC card is something that you can hardly miss during your travel to the European countries. However, it is important to mention that this is not a replacement for your travel insurance.

If you are still in two minds about the usefulness of this card, here is a list of things that you should consider before proceeding on your tour to the European countries.

  • User-friendly: This card is truly user-friendly. You too will agree here after availing its benefits at least once in life. The very first thing that you would like is its state provided free and subsidised services. Having said that, we mean, based on the seriousness of the care that you need on an immediate basis, some of the treatments may be free and others would be made available to you at a reduced price. This, in turn, construes to a unique advantage as you would be able to save your money there.   
  • Emergency and critical care: An EHIC card provides you with a relief under the emergency and critical care on the foreign soil without returning to your home country immediately for the treatment alone. Having said that, we mean, you can get a treatment for the life-threatening existing diseases such as the dialysis during your travel. But, your dental care treatments can wait and thus, those are not covered here. In short, this card is a boon to those travelling to the European countries including the people who may have been the victim of an incurable medical condition.   
  • Additional security: Since this card doesn’t clash with your travel insurance, you can and in fact, you should subscribe to this card for securing yourself and your loved ones at the unknown places during your travel itinerary.   
  • Reliable services: You can fully trust all the medical care and treatment here since those are provided by the state where you need the service. This construes to your unique advantage, especially on the foreign soil where you can palpably turn to none for a help. On top of it, you won’t need to return your home country for a treatment.  
  • Easy to apply: You can apply for this card online and offline according to your convenience. However, online application facility is available to the people who belong to UK, Switzerland, and EEA (European Economic Area) only.

The list can go on up to any extent here based on the unforeseen circumstances that you may be forced to live in the European countries other than your homeland. An EHIC card essentially gives the feeling of security during your tour there. However, this card doesn’t cover private medical care costs. In other words, you have bear the private medical care expenses on your own in the European countries despite subscribing to the said card.  

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