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Scaling New Heights Of Business With Good Customer Service Backup

Scaling New Heights Of Business With Good Customer Service Backup

The basic five elements of marketing such as the product, price, place, promotion and people will not cut much ice unless your organisation has a strong customer service backup. Having said that, we mean, your entire marketing drive will fall short to deliver the desired result in the absence of a strong customer centric initiative where a customer is respected and honoured. However, it is a complex process that comprises a lot of factors. It is pertinent to mention here that the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than driving an existing customer to a repeat sale.

Things to know about the customer service:

  • Customer service isn’t a department. Believe it or not, customer service is often touted as a department. But, the fact is it is more of an attitude than a department. In fact, people facing the customers must learn how to deal with them especially when they are irate or agitated. Your men at the desk, for instance, must be able to maintain cool and respond in a way that soothes the person at the other end. In short, it is your art of talking and patiently listening to the customers’ complaint and guiding him to a solution are all that important though not limited to those alone.   
  • Understand the customer in the first place. Though it may sound unreal in the first place, the fact is some customers have hypothetical problems. But, you will commit a blunder ignoring them. Instead, you should listen carefully to them and talk to them in a friendly note so that the ice between the two dissolves gradually.
  • Create a win-win situation. Never let a customer down even when he’s wrong. Doing so, you will win a customer for life. After all, everybody is concerned about his dignity and self-respect. You have to be tactful in creating a win-win situation here befitting a situation. It is pertinent to mention that there is no straight jacket formula here to guide you.
  • Leave a lasting impression: Offer value-added services that can truly complement the need of a customer and leave a lasting impression on him. This goes a long way highly rewarding you. In fact, doing this, you create a lifelong ambassador for your business.  

Likewise, there are many such points that you should consider before devising a customer service plan for your business. You know what it is the people dealing with the customers essentially make or break the fortune in the business.   

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