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Ride The Powerful Performer On The Road – Jaguar XF

Ride The Powerful Performer On The Road – Jaguar XF

If you want to make a strong impression, then you can do it in style by zooming in with your powerful premium car to the party. And amongst the super cool sedans in the market, the Jaguar XF has a dedicated fan following of its own thanks to some of the coolest features it carries with it. Jaguar is a quintessential British car with an elegant styling and an unmistakable aura of a high-class car.

Smashing looks

This stunning sedan is a mid-level car that offers you more space and classy features than its sibling, the Jaguar XE. However, if you find spending a few lakhs more to buy the XF model taxing on your budget, you can opt for a well maintained used Jaguar XF in Delhi. These pre-owned cars are well below the price level of the XE model but will also give you a better driving option.

The entry level Jaguar XF (2.0 Diesel Pure) will suit most people. It is cheaper to run, has those amazing looks and provides you with a quiet driving experience that only a premium sedan can offer. One thing that will surprise you about this model is that, in spite of being such a big car, it is actually fun to drive and feels very agile and nippy.

When you look at this beautifully crafted sedan, you will be mesmerized by its curvy edges, rolling hood with cool looking character lines, a big black colour engine grill with the badging of the company embossed in the centre, sleek looking headlamp cluster, body colour door handles, smooth looking wheel arches and a spectacular back profile. All these design cues make this sedan one of the best-designed sedans in the Indian market.

Comfy interior

The interior of this premium sedan is furnished with quality products and when you sit inside and roll up the windows, it has the uncanny ability to close all wind and road noise to allow you to drive in peace. There are several small things that give such exclusivity to this premium sedan including a smoothly carved round gear knob made with chrome coating rising up in your palm, a movable AC vents to direct the cool air more efficiently and a push start button.

The seats of the Jaguar XF are designed to give good thigh support so that the riders so that they can sit comfortably on it even on a long drive. All the riders get adequate head and legroom. The front panel in front of the driver is designed with leather, aluminium inserts and veneer wood. There is a big infotainment system at the front that allows the driver to not only select different drive modes but also control the AC and the music system of the car. It has a powerful dual zone climate air conditioning system that provides uniform cooling for both front as well as the rear part of the passenger cabin.

Besides the great looks and superb comfort features, you should choose a used Jaguar XF in Delhi because of its superb engines. This great looking car is available in both diesel as well as petrol variants. In the petrol variants, you can choose between a 2.0-litre or 5.0-litre power mills. However, if you are interested in diesel variants, then you can choose between the base level 2.2-litre and a more powerful 3.0-litre V6 engine in the portfolio edition.

The Jaguar XF is a classy looking extremely safe car for you to ride on. It has tonnes of features like airbags, good quality brakes, seatbelts among a whole host of others that make your drive in it safe and secure.

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