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Should You Repair Or Replace Parts Post A Major Car Collision Damage

Should You Repair Or Replace Parts Post A Major Car Collision Damage

Car accidents are nightmares, especially when you are already fighting your own injuries and maybe for your family members. It becomes so difficult to think about the damaged vehicle at that time and make arrangements for its repair. The process becomes all the more overwhelming as it might include business-minded dealing with the insurance companies, the repair shop, and trying to recover from the huge loss. But knowing about such situations reputed ones like Salisbury auto body repair shop will help you go through these stages without asking for too much hard work from your side.

The first thing they would do is giving you the right advice about how much repair work or replacement your car needs to be done. And here is a glimpse at how they arrive to such conclusions. A quick look at it might help you decide it yourself. All you need is taking into consideration the following things in advance:

Structural Damage:

After every major collision what the cars suffer is a structural damage. But that doesn’t mean that the body damage is irreparable.  Structural damage generally includes the damage in the main frame of the car or what it is known as the unibody. The right set of equipment brings the frame or the unibody back to its original shape by working inch by inch in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition to this, the certified technicians are trained to work with the latest industry procedures using the latest machinery.

Choosing Between Repair Work or Replacement:

When the damage isn’t structural, the choice made between a repair work or replacement is usually done on the basis of the cost. For instance, if your vehicle has faced a bumper damage, the repair costs for it might be almost the same as replacing the bumper. In such cases there is no point in repairing it, as it would consume more time. However, for luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, the repair would be significantly lesser than buying the part to replace. If there is any option for insurance claim, they would decide according to the policy you have signed for.

Value of Vehicle:

In cases of major collision damage, in which the airbags sprung into action, your vehicle might be declared of a total loss though the Collision repair shops would not make the statement if the vehicle can be considered as a total loss. The repair estimate would be decided by the shop or by the insurance adjuster. The insurance company would start with comparing the repair costs against the real value of the vehicle and then make a decisive statement.


If your car is severely damaged, the best thing to get it back is doing a little research on the certified collision repair facilities that are available near you. If the insurance company recommends any particular one, make sure to do some homework before agreeing with them. The Salisbury collision repair shop is one such committed one who perform quality repairs with an excellent customer service.

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