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Quick And Worthy Tips To Recover From A Kidney Transplant

Quick And Worthy Tips To Recover From A Kidney Transplant

You need to be aware that kidney transplant is a complex surgical procedure. After the surgery the post recovery period does assume to be a lot important. You are going to be much more flexible and at the same time you would need to exercise some precautions. Do discuss your post-operative recovery plan with your surgeon and follow the instructions as recommended by them.

Always opt for the best doctor for kidney transplant in India. This is for the simple reason that they have better outcomes in terms of recovery and lesser chance of complications. In the midst of this you would need to make some changes to your lifestyle as well. Let us now explore some of the able recovery tips for your convenience

Lower the intake of salt

The onus should be to have less salt in your food. This is post your surgical procedure as this would go on to combat blood pressure along with fluid retention. Do keep away from preserved foods, packaged, pickle foods and any items that are rich in terms of salt content.

Your intake of fat has to be at a bare minimum

The chances are that your blood sugar levels might be at a degree of elevation due to the mechanism of anti-rejection drugs. Do try to cut down on fat items or anything where the fat content is on the higher side. Once the kidney transplant is over it does make sense to stick to a low fat diet.

Do increase the intake of proteins

Once about the six weeks mark, your diet should have to be loaded with proteins so as to make the process of recovery and healing much faster. Once a couple of months is over you can get over to the normal prescribed protein levels.

Look upon the scenario of phosphorous intake

If renal failure has occurred it is going to lead to a huge impact in destruction of bone mass. Once a kidney transplant is over the bones have to be rebuild. Once the surgery is over it is important that you do increase the intake of phosphorous as you can find a drop in the levels.

Do keep a control over your weight

In case if you plan to recover quickly do keep a control over your weight. There are certain post-operative drugs that might push your weight up once you are done with a kidney transplant. This does not sound good for your health. Do discuss with your doctor on the type of post-operative medicines that you prescribe in order to keep your weight under control.

Last but not the least with a kidney transplant it is not only about physical restrictions. You would need to comply with dietary charts. Sufficient amount of rest is needed and once you leave home from hospital ensure that you get proper amount of rest. This would contribute to the process of recovery in a quick manner.

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