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Microwave Ovens: Safe Or Unsafe?

Microwave Ovens: Safe Or Unsafe?

Microwave oven is an appliance that discovers its way in every house bringing a wave of baking brilliance. It is one of the most astonishing innovations which is befitting the people by making the process of cooking and the hours spent in the kitchen trouble free. The cooking experience was never so convenient and seamless before the invention of microwaves which have exalted the household convenience and comfort to a different level. Microwave ovens price in India are multi functional and provide us with some startling functions like grilling, roasting, steaming and baking. Despite the operational simplicity they provide the use of high power micro waves while heating is worrisome making us ponder on how safe are these microwave ovens. The pointers jotted down below will clear your mind of any kind of misconceptions you have regarding the safety of a microwave oven.

Microwave Safety

Microwave ovens emit high power micro waves in the heating process but the well thought microwave designs ensures that they are enclosed within the oven and are only released when the microwave oven is turned on and the oven door is fastened. Therefore there is no harm from those microwaves as the chances of leakage are scanty and the leakage through the glass door is limited in accordance with the International safety standards. However, if a microwave oven is not maintained in good condition then there are very high chances of micro waves leakage from the broken parts. In order to save yourself from any kind of havoc its crucial check the condition of your microwave on regular basis. If your body comes in contact with the micro waves then the waves can be absorbed by your body and produce heat in the tissues which are exposed to the waves which can cause damage especially to the temperature sensitive tissues.

Food Safety

Questions regarding the safety of the food being heated in the microwave oven are a raising health issue. It is important to break down the heating process in order get a clear picture of how is the food heated in the microwave oven. Factors like the water content in the food, the amount of the food, the density of the food and the power rating of the oven determine the rate of heating. Cooking the food in a microwave is a completely safe as the nutrients of the food are retained and the dangerous micro-organisms are withered away. The only drawback in the cooking process of a microwave oven is that the micro waves emitted by the oven do not penetrate completely in the thicker pieces of food leaving them cooked unevenly; eating this kind of unevenly cooked food can raise health risks.

Thermal Safety

It is very important to operate the microwave oven in a right manner to avoid any kind of damage or injury. Not handling the hot items rightly can lead to burns which can be very dangerous at times. The process of cooking in a microwave is distinctive from that of the conventional ovens so it is advisable to aptly read the manufacturers’ instructions.


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