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Honda Dream Drive Will Offer Next-Gen Infotainment And Services

Honda Dream Drive Will Offer Next-Gen Infotainment And Services

One of the most important principles of Honda is to deliver on the expectations of the customer. Complete and proper integration of the mobile services into the vehicle experience is being demonstrated through the Honda Dream Drive. This would be the first integrated passenger and driver infotainment, services, commerce and rewards dashboard inside the vehicular environment. Honda Dream Drive offers a wide range of services to passengers and drivers. Engaging entertainment options are made available to the people in the vehicle and it minimizes the potential for distraction of the driver.

The Dream Drive from Honda is a mesmerizing feature that will help everyone to enjoy a better journey. Petaluma Honda is the best place for you if you think you need to avail of Honda’s intriguing range of vehicles or services.

Honda Dream Drive Will Offer Next-Gen Infotainment And Services

The mobile-based dashboards being offered by the new prototype Dream Drive will offer experiences and services that have been designed for passengers and drivers.

  1. Honda Dream Drive: Driver – It offers the expansion of the in-vehicle payment technology concept that was introduced with Visa at CES 2017. It would enable drivers to pay for goods and services like parking and movie tickets, fuel, order food for delivery and pickup or even make restaurant reservations. The system can even be used to share the location of the driver with the passengers or the members of the family and friends.
  2. Honda Dream Drive: Passenger – The passengers can watch movies, play mixed reality games, use the travel applications, read comic stories, listen to music or explore new and interesting things during the journey. The cabin and radio features can be controlled from the mobile device of the passenger.

The customers would be able to purchase the Honda Dream Drive content, order ahead, buy event or movie tickets and other options that are offered by the collaborators of Honda. To this end, Honda has been teaming up with some of the industry leaders who are trying to understand how the best in-vehicles services can be offered to the customers. These collaborations can go a long way in developing the understanding that can mutually serve customers.

Honda Is Partnering With Leading Brands

The Dream Drive from Honda can be enabled both by voice and touch, thus offering the users with safe and easy access to convenient services. The collaborators include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Chevron USA, iHeartRadio, Phillips 66, USAA, Yelp, Arrive, IPS Group and others. They would be working together in offering services to the driver dashboard in terms of restaurant reservation, gasoline payment, parking, location sharing, ticketing and rewards. Honda Petaluma can give you a better idea about the exciting features of Dream Drive. You can even buy a Honda vehicle of your choice or go for a test drive.

The Final Verdict – Honda Dream Drive is another example of how technology is making life very convenient for us today. It is true that you can use your smartphone, but Dream Drive would be a perfect place to address all your in-vehicle issues.

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