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Objectification Of Women By Media

Objectification Of Women By Media

Though most of the people claim that they consider men and women equal in all respects however equality of gender is only in books or thoughts. It is far from reality. Same fact is confirmed by the way women are objectified by media. Different sources of media use women just to attract more customers to certain brands or products. Or they objectify women to keep audiences captivated to their channels or shows.

Morally, media’s unhealthy representation of women is not at all good for society. In fact, it is casting an ill-effect on the mentalities and even physical health of most people and particularly the female section of the society. Teenagers specifically get affected by it in an adverse manner as their immature minds are unable to understand the difference between right and wrong. Let us now discuss how objectification of women by media is bad for the society.

Increase in crime against women

Due to media’s unhealthy representation of women, there has been considerable increase in crime against women. The women are just shown as decorative pieces or an object to attract the population in most of the sources of media. This has led to cheap mentality of men population. They consider women as a thing of use and hence commit various crimes with rape as the major one among these. There has been considerable rise in the crimes against women due to women’s objectification in last few decades.

Adverse effect on the health of young females

Since women are shown as supermodels who have zero size figures therefore the upcoming generation of females try to copy them. In this effort, they start losing weight by dieting or such other unhealthy means. As a result of this, the younger generation is falling prey to numbers of diseases at an age when there should be maximum physical development. Also young girls become more and more conscious about their sexuality which is again dangerous as they may become victims of some unwanted crimes.

Disrespect of women at work

The media’s unhealthy representation of women has also resulted in disrespect of women in most of the fields. They are not treated equal to men at any place. Even they are offered  less salary packages and other perks in spite of being more talented than their male colleagues. All this is due to the negative image created by media in front of all. Women are considered weak and an object of negligence in most of the societies till date.

Decreasing female to male ratio

There has been considerable reduction in female to male ratio in most of the countries worldwide. Most people wish to have male descendants for their families. Again it is due to male-dominated society where girls are still killed in mother’s womb. To fulfill their wish to have a male child, most of the male members or elderly people force the expecting mothers for a baby boy. This has resulted in decrease in the population of females at global level.

There are many more ill-effects of objectification of women by media. It should be discouraged and efforts should be made by all to treat women equal to men in all respects. Any society can progress only if women are treated at par with men. In fact, Almighty has also blessed only women to bear children so as to continue human race on this planet.

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