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Baby’s Head-Down Position During Pregnancy

Baby’s Head-Down Position During Pregnancy

From the very trimester of pregnancy expectant mothers have so many questions about baby’s health. They worry about when the baby’s head position turns down. This position occurs when baby is ready to come out in this world. Until this stage, the baby only rotates from head-up to head-down position due to plenty of space in the uterus. This phenomenon is called cephalic presentation.

From 30th week of pregnancy baby should be in a head-down position as it helps during delivery. But the resultant is not so in many cases. Normally the position creates at 34th week. If the baby doesn’t turn downwards even in 36th week then also normal vaginal delivery is possible. But mothers remain nervous as they think that this process takes places differently for different womb, thus they are unsure about expecting the time to this position.

How baby’s head-down position helps in delivery?

The baby’s head position totally depends upon the size of the baby & size of the uterus. During the first half of the pregnancy there remains a lot of room in the uterus for the baby to rotate. But as time progresses, due to space shortage baby finds a comfortable room to stay. The top side (head) of the baby occupies the lower side which is towards the birth canal & the bottom side occupies the top side of the uterus. Thus baby gets fit into the curve of pelvis.

Different head-down position of baby

  1. Vertex Presentation- This is the most common position where the back of baby faces mother’s tummy by facing her face towards the spine.
  2. Brow Presentation- This happens to the postmatured babies. Here baby’s neck and head remain extended.
  3. Face Presentation- Again this happens to the premature ones where the head remains extended becoming the leading part.

Benefits of different head-down position baby

  • Hormones are very much needed during labor & this is easily achieved due to baby’s head down position. The process exerts more pressure on the neck of the mother & thus the cervix get widen.
  • The baby’s head down position comes out at an angle thus making it easier for the mother to push him/her out.
  • Reaching to the bottom of the pelvis the baby turn his head a bit. Thus the widest part of the mother’s pelvis holds the widest part of baby’s head.

How to get the baby’s head-down position?

Though head-down position turn before labor starts, i.e. within 36 weeks of pregnancy, but sometimes the process differs and the position doesn’t change.  To help the baby changes his/her head position some steps can be taken as measures. They are as follows-

  1. The expectant should always use a cushion during sitting in a car to make the knees come under the hips.
  2. Don’t worry about the position of baby’s position when sleeping. The mother should sleep by her left side.
  3. A birth ball can be used during watching TV.
  4. Instead of sitting inactively for several hours she should walk. It is the excellent way to help the baby to turn & stay vertex.
  5. Always a helpful sitting position should be availed by tilting pelvis forward while sitting.

Thus, the head down position baby during pregnancy is of immense help

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