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Month: December 2017

Aptitude Test: An Obvious Mention In Psychometric Tests

With the prime objective to outline the distinguishing characteristics of a good test, and the commonly used procedures in test construction, the uses of psychological tests such as Psychometric tests for job recruitment in industry deserves a special reference to personnel selection. But some typical problems might arise when a new testing program is introduced in an organization. Here, we will discuss the specific examples of tests that are frequently used in the industry. Types of Aptitude Test: These are grouped into two categories. Firstly, the Multiple Aptitude Test is that which intends to measure several aptitudes by an...

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Ahyanah Mincy Showcases Women Entrepreneurs

Mogul is a platform reaching millions of women per month across 196 countries and 30,470 cities worldwide. Mogul gives informational access to women from all backgrounds and across the world. It has become a global platform where women can share and receive information, jobs and merchandise. Women can use the site to ask questions, sell things, find jobs or post articles and blog post. Out of millions of users of OnMogul only 5,000 that are verified with a checkmark next to their name which is an honor usually reserved for CEO’s, top executives and celebrities. Despite how hard it...

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